Bullet Journals!


My friend Kate called me a few weeks ago looking for a dot journal. Not a grid, not a lined and not a blank journal. But one with dots. She asked if I knew what a Bullet Journal is and, I have to admit, I had no idea!

She sent along an article and I was HOOKED.

The main idea behind the Bullet or Rapid Journal is to keep it short and sweet. Keep your lists of tasks, events, and planning all short and to the point, no long sentences.

I like a day-to-day planner so I’ve mapped out my journal to include a month-at-a-glance as well as a weekly calendar. At the end of each week, I have left space for gratitude and space to list the creative things I want to get going. I also have a daily log of how much water I drank and fitness goals.

The offical Bullet Journal Website suggests using symbols (asteriks and such) to identify priority and even using the greater and less sign to indicate tasks or events that have “migrated to the next day”. Clearly one can get lost in the details!!

For me, I began with a pencil and an eraser so I could change my mind as I wrote. Eventually I added some colour – I really like this part. I think I have bit a creative streak in me and I love the idea of practicing my hand writing, lettering and doodling!

This is just a tiny sneak peek and not much is perfect or terribly tidy about it, but the point is just to begin!




Also…this is a heads up that I will be hosting a how-to Bullet Journal class in the fall! I’ll have all kinds of advice and hands-on experience by the end! Stay tuned!

I’ve got a few dot journals in store now and more on the way – hopefully by end of next week!



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