A word on sending Christmas cards…

Because people really do still send them. Maybe not as many as years past but shopping for Christmas cards is a step  in the direction of a season full of warm wishes, family gatherings, friendly tromps through the snow and mugs of steaming drinks that warm our fingers and our toes.

I have to admit, I’m not one for the yearly family letter. I don’t send cards to many far fetched friends and family members. So that means I can write a quick message, have my kids scrawl their names and stamp and send the pack of cards to those I’m in touch with most often. Friends and family members that are further away might get a family photo tucked in the card.  A little something to say we’ve been thinking of them.

It’s a busy life we lead. I’m all about carving out snippets of time to be spent connecting with friends and family that contribute so much to a full heart. So, I’ll be sitting down with a box of holiday cards and we’ll take a bit of time to say hello and send wishes for prosperous new year.


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