News for 2016

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays…do you ever wonder why January 21st feels further away from December 25th than November 21st to December 25th?

For me, Christmas and New Year’s seem like a million years away. I seem to be back into the swing of things. Life isn’t quite at the same clip. So, here I am, catching up with you and and getting on top of and ahead of the following few weeks. I know that when fall rolls around, I still feel like September is The Start of New Habits, Fresh Notebooks and such. But it has been forever since I sat in a classroom and it seems that now January has that same sense of new beginnings and resolutions of sort (though I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions).

I really enjoy the quiet, the calm and clean table tops – free from festive garland and ornaments. And I like making plans for what I hope to accomplish the next couple of months.

A few things you might like to know.

One. We (myself and a few other shops) started something called Westboro Wednesays. This happens the third Wednesday of the month. Our most recent Westboro Wednesday was yesterday. I organized a Calligraphy Workshop and it was a lot of fun for all the participants. Westboro Wednesday is a chance for participating stores to get to know you a bit better – sometimes there is a sale or promotion, sometimes nibbles or a workshop. We’ve had three so far and I think interest is growing.

Two. You might not know this, but I love, LOVE Pinterest.  I have my own personal board and nothing makes me happier than sleeping kids, a cup of tea and the ipad while snuggled up in bed. With glue gun, spray paint or pompoms in hand the next day, Dave’s puzzled expression is always met with, “Hun. I am bringing Pinterest to life!”

So, I figured I would take the pressure off at home and start an account for the store.  Find it here – I am just getting started but I do hope you will follow along. My plan is to have an offical crafting and ideas table set up right here, in store.

Three. Last year I had the great idea to have a little secretary’s desk in the store so you could easily sit down and put pen to paper. I didn’t get around to it but I will in the next few weeks. I just love the idea of having a quiet space to sit and write out a few words of sympathy or congratulations or whatever the occasion calls for.

Finally, I have just signed my lease again! Another five years are spread out before me – it was a big decision. Life is humming along, more or less. I could have decided that was enough and move on. But I do love the life of an independent business owner. I live a short walk from the store – so many of you are friends and neighbours. And if I don’t actually know your name, I usually remember that you have grandkids or that you are just married or moving or something.

You can bet we will have Birthday Party in the spring to celebrate another five!

That’s it for now!

Stay in touch,





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