Rhubarb Cards

made in Canada

Just recently we welcomed Rhubarb Paper Co onto our shelves. We are always looking for a new joke, a one-liner that leaves us laughing so hard we cry or simply a card that we know you are going to love! This Maritime greeting card company does all this and more.

Need something a little bit sexy but still gets the point across? Check out Rhubarb. Been awhile since you’ve caught up with your bestie and want to do brunch? Up your game and send a card instead of a text. How about an encouragement card that says what we all really feel. Rhubarb might be perfect.

The Village Quire in Westboro Village stocks all kinds of cards but it is our Canadian-made lines that fill our shelves the most. In each card line we carry we look for something new that someone else isn’t making. There are so many llama cards out there. And unicorns, too. And we have those cards! But I also love cards that say something new. I think Rhubarb does this.

Stop in at The Village Quire and have a look!