Hug & Kiss Design

Hug and Kiss greeting cards are not what you expect. From the outside, these cards are sweet and colourful and full of child-like joy.

We truly are a sweet little store that calls the sweet little neighbourhood of Westboro Village our home.

But if you find youself at our back wall, you'll see we stock greeting cards with swear words, pot jokes and sexy jokes. These cards aren't for everybody but, by all accounts, there are many of you in Westboro Village who appreciate a little snark.

Need an anniversary card that is less on romance and more about real life? Love is in the air might do the trick.

Missing someone special? Have you heard the news?  could be perfect. Guaranteed to make your partner blush.

Maybe you don't want something quite so gusty. Let's Make Out is my personal favourite. And from all accounts, it is a favourite of your's too!

Those cute little drawings of bears and elephants and birds do nothing to prepare you for the snark and innuendo written inside. But, we have customers that ask for them by name and so you'll find a selection on our shelves.