Blank Inside

Many of you know Emily McDowell’s line of greeting cards. Emily is frank and honest. She cuts to the chase and delivers a message that many of us relate to.  These are the greeting cards you give when words fail and they can sometimes provide levity to a tough moment.

When you shop Emily McDowell at The Village Quire, you’ll find cards that truly speak the words you want to say. They speak from the heart and fill the space with encouragement, love and a little laughter.

Have a friend going through a particularly tough patch? Need a card for someone who suffers from depression? That is a tough road, indeed. We think Emily will have what you need.

I sell an awful lot of traditional Valentine Cards, but when someone picks up one of Emily’s cards, I know that love is full of laughs.

Emily McDowell makes cards for everyday life and I hope you will stop in soon!