When you shop The Village Quire, you can be sure to find cards with great quotes and gorgeous illustrations.

Sometimes an everyday moment is cause to celebrate. Compendium is perfect.

If you had the chance to tell someone just how much you appreciated that thing they do, what greeting card would you choose?

A kind word isn't hard. In fact, being kind can be the easiest thing in the world.  That's what Compendium is all about.

What about a birthday card rich in sentiment but not filled with unnecessary words?

Whether you need to encourage a spouse through a dark time or bolster a friend who is feeling down, we think Compendium might be the right fit.

We always have an assortment of sympathy cards from this collection, too. Compendium is such a good choice for conveying sympathy and celebrating the life of a person who has lived a rich life, maybe someone with a legacy and leaving behind a large family.

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